How to Stay Covered

As we remain in passionate pursuit of the Lord, worshiping in His presence, walking in the ways of His Word, waiting to hear from Him in prayer, and joyfully obey what He has to say, we can be assured of His protection and favor, each and everyday.

His umbrella is colored with loved and grace and covers all who love Him with all their hearts and daily seek His face.

His canopy of kindness and joy flows through these covered ones who desire to cover others and call them to a highly favored and safe place.

Stay passionate in pursuit of the Lord always through prayer and His Word.

Stay covered under our good good Father’s canopy of kindness and joy.🔥📖❤️🙏

Listen, Yahweh, to my passionate prayer! Can’t you hear my groaning? Don’t you hear how I’m crying out to you? My King and my God, consider my every word, for I am calling out to you. At each and every sunrise you will hear my voice as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart. I know that you, God, are never pleased with lawlessness, and evil ones will never be invited as guests in your house. Boasters collapse, unable to survive your scrutiny, for your hatred of evildoers is clear. You will make an end of all those who lie. How you hate their hypocrisy and despise all who love violence! But I know that you will welcome me into your house, for I am covered by your covenant of mercy and love. So I come to your sanctuary with deepest awe to bow in worship and adore you. Yahweh, lead me in the pathways of your pleasure just like you promised me you would, or else my enemies will conquer me. Smooth out your road in front of me, straight and level so that I will know where to walk. Their words are unreliable. Destruction is in their hearts, drawing people into their darkness with their speeches. They are smooth-tongued deceivers, flattering with their words. Declare them guilty, O God! Let their own schemes be their downfall! Let the guilt of their sins collapse on top of them, for they rebel against you. But let them all be glad, those who turn aside to hide themselves in you. May they keep shouting for joy forever! Overshadow them in your presence as they sing and rejoice. Then every lover of your name will burst forth with endless joy. Lord, how wonderfully you bless the righteous. Your favor wraps around each one and covers them under your canopy of kindness and joy.

Psalm 5 The Passion Translation


Published by Jennifer Morrow

Lover of God, people & life! Love to laugh, dance, teach, pray, study The Bible, travel & write - not necessarily in that order.

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