Immanuel, God is With You

If you feel lonely, misunderstood, rejected, falsely accused, and left out, just remember Mary, Joseph and Jesus all understand how you feel. Praying for the presence of Christ to encounter all who need to know or be tangibly reminds that God, Immanuel, is with you. He sees you. He loves you. He will never forsakeContinue reading “Immanuel, God is With You”

Do you need a Christmas Miracle?

When the Christmas gift we are most longing for is a miracle, remember the gift of Christmas is a miracle.

Come Prince of Peace

There is not so much peace on earth, but there is on earth peace within those who are filled with the spirit of the Prince of Peace. The more we are filled with the presence of the Prince of Peace, the more at peace we will be with our past, our future, and we willContinue reading “Come Prince of Peace”

What Jesus Brings

What does Jesus bring into our lives? ✨He brings peace and breaks the spirit of fear. ✨He brings good not evil. ✨He brings great joy to all people. This doesn’t mean that we never have anything to be afraid of, there is no evil surrounding us, or no sadness or sorrow ever touches our hearts.Continue reading “What Jesus Brings”