In The River

We come alive in the river! Love this song by @JesusCulture – using it in dance class! #alive #intheriver #thepresenceoftheLord #life #joy #danceintheriver  The river is symbolic of God’s presence, His Spirit.  God’s presence alive within us brings LIFE, JOY & STRENGTH.  Enter into His presence through thanksgiving and praise and worship today!  You willContinue reading “In The River”

Superwoman mindset vs. Godly woman mindset

My thoughts a few weeks ago – just now posting! Superwoman mindset: Today I will (not necessarily in the order listed): pray worship study the Word water plants feed my dog exercise clean my house (least likely to occur – made beds about as good as it gets) create a grocery/store list go to theContinue reading “Superwoman mindset vs. Godly woman mindset”

My “PAINFUL P” Thoughts

My pain has pressed me to pray, praise, and pen – not necessarily in that order. #pressintoGod #pray #praise and #pen #journal #release We are all familiar with the common phrase, “No pain, no gain.”  Here’s another thought:  Know pain and know the gain that comes from allowing your pain to cause you to gainContinue reading “My “PAINFUL P” Thoughts”