PEACE and The Discipline of Thinking

“Christian peace comes not from thinking less, but from thinking more, and more intensely, about the big issues of life.”

“Think it out! Think about the glory coming until the joy begins to break in on you.”

Quotes above from Timothy Keller, and his book entitled, Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering. Basically, Keller goes on to say peace does not come just through jogging or shopping. Peace, and even our joy comes as we think through the issues of life in the light of God’s Word and eternal truths.

God’s promises and His presence bring peace. Through feasting and focusing on His goodness and our glorious future with Him, we remain peaceful. A revelation of His goodness and glory overshadow all our present suffering and circumstances.

What we think about, we often bring about. As we develop the discipline of thinking about things that are good, peaceful and joyful, our minds are renewed to walk in peace in spite of our circumstances. A good practice to develop is to ask ourselves:

What am I thinking about?

Are these thoughts helpful to me and to others?

Are they accomplishing a good purpose?

Are they bringing about peace or self-pity?

Are they stirring up fear or faith?

Are they causing me to worry or worship and trust God?

Do these thoughts need to be cast out of my mind?

Try the discipline of thinking. Thinking on God’s Word and using God’s Word and His promises as a lens to view all of life’s circumstances through will bring peace. This is the renewing of our mind that brings peace, but you have to discipline yourself to put this kind of thinking into daily practice.

Despite all our pain and suffering, all our heartbreaks and disappointments, still, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ who loves us. We are more than conquerors through the power of Christ alive within us.

We can never be overcomers if we never have anything to overcome. ~a Joyful Jenny thought~

As you are walking with God today, I pray you are experiencing His supernatural peace. Walking involves the slow, consistent and steady pace of doing everyday life loving your Father God and talking to Him about everything. While you are walking, I pray you are loving others around you who are needing the peace we have in Christ so desperately too.

May His peace be in you and may His peace flow through you. May His peace guard your heart and mind. May His joy always be your strength too.

Scripture References: Romans 8:37; 12:2; Philippians 4:6-9; Psalm 16:11; 29:11; 2 Corinthians 10:5


Published by Jennifer Morrow

Lover of God, people & life! Love to laugh, dance, teach, pray, study The Bible, travel & write - not necessarily in that order.

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