It’s Time…For Such a Time as This

It’s time to pray and decree.

It’s time to arise in power and authority.

It’s time for the Word of Truth to prevail over all the powers of darkness and hell.

It’s time for a fresh baptism of love and fire.

It’s time to grow higher.

It’s time for God’s light bearers to burn brighter.

It’s time to hear with clarity and radically obey.

It’s time to move in full surrender to God’s Spirit in a brand new way.

It’s time for the anointing of God’s Spirit to break the captives free.

It’s time to know who you are beloved overcoming ones.

It’s time to live in freedom and in the victory Christ has already won.

It’s time to forgive.

It’s time to release.

It’s time to walk in grace, purity and peace.

It’s time for the harvest and a third great awakening.

It’s time for undivided hearts in love with God to join together as one.

It’s time to receive God’s gifts that equip and get in alignment for His will to be done.

It’s time to tell our restoration stories.

It’s time to advance the Kingdom of God all for God’s glory.

It’s time…for such a time as this.

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