A Restoration Promise

This is a promise of restoration.  May The Giver of life and the God of all creation see you through every trial, sickness, and heartache and bring His restoration life to you.   The Lord will sustain him upon his sickbed; in his illness, You restore him to health. (Psalm 41:3 NASB) The Lord nurses them when they are sick andContinue reading “A Restoration Promise”

It’s all good. Not!

There is a common phrase that sounds like truth.  The phrase, “It’s all good” sounds like a good, positive quote, and it is that. “It’s all good”?  No, it’s not all good.  I like Pastor Steven Furtick’s quote, “It’s never all good.”  This is truth.  It’s NEVER ALL GOOD, BUT GOD WILL WORK “ALL THESEContinue reading “It’s all good. Not!”

This Follower is on Fire! Is this True of Me?

What is shut up within you that God desires to stir up and set ablaze for the purpose of bringing Him glory & blessing others?  Or is there even any passion, desire or fire in you for anything? The winds are Your messengers, and flames of fire are Your servants. (Psalm 104:4)  #thisfollowerisonfire  Is thisContinue reading “This Follower is on Fire! Is this True of Me?”