Better Your Face & Eyes than Your Tongue

For so many of us, we would be so much better off if only our eyes and our faces did the speaking and our tongues remained both tied and tamed. #tameyourtongue #letyoureyesspeak #somuchbetterthanwordsthatkill #scarlettoharalessons #gonewiththewind #speaklife or #holdyourtongue Too few of us would dare to profess we have completely mastered the art of speech that always... Continue Reading →

Creative Clutter

Creative clutter can create a beautiful vision for the eyes to behold.  Often us creative souls battle cluttered minds.  Help, Lord!  Clear the clutter Lord so I can hear You clearly and attend to the call you created me for. #cleartheclutter #helpmefocus #creativecall #creativemindstruggles #canurelate  You will keep in perfect peace those who trust in... Continue Reading →

A Covenant Promise…

  This is a good covenant promise for such a time as this.  #praythepromises - God is already aware of the problems. Isaiah 54:13-15 I will teach all your children,     and they will enjoy great peace. You will be secure under a government that is just and fair.     Your enemies will stay far away. You... Continue Reading →

Targeted? Take up Your Sword?

#mightywarriorwomen #forsuchatimeasthis #girlswithswords If the enemy can't get to you, he will try to get at what is closest to your heart.  A mother's heart is always for her children, just like our Heavenly Father's heart is for His children. And so I say for all of us warrior women, "When you think of me,... Continue Reading →

Let Freedom Reign!

Let us declare our independence from fear of man, bondage to self and the strongholds of addiction, materialism, and sin, and celebrate our dependence on the FATHER OF LIBERTY.   The heart of God is freedom.  Freedom to be the son or daughter of God you were created in His image to be.   The AUTHOR... Continue Reading →

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