In memory of my dearly loved and treasured brother,

Donald Lee “Donnie” Deason

November 13, 1963 – June 13, 1994





Your Beautiful Shining Face*


But then, just like that, you were gone.

It seems like only yesterday when you were here,

we were talking on the phone, sharing, laughing

– or you were at my home.

But then, just like that, you were gone.

The pain is so powerful when you lose someone you love,

even when you are certain

they are with the Lord in Heaven above.

You were so proud and so vibrant.  

You left your mark in this place.

No one will ever take your place.  

And, oh, how I so miss your beautiful, shining face.

You had such a special grin and a smile,

like that of a gleeful and happy child.  

You were so proud and patriotic

and willing to stand for what is right. 

You would stand for America and,

if necessary, gladly fight and give your life.

You loved God and had accepted Jesus as your Savior,

thank God, this for sure I know. 

But you were sad and disheartened by the ways of the world,

and this had affected you I also know. 

Things had come crashing down on you,

and you even wished you could go.

So now, you’re with Jesus, but I’m still here below. 

The Lord has to sustain and strengthen me,

and lead me in the way that I should go.

The Lord is the only One who can heal

the intense feelings of desolation, emptiness, and pain

I am experiencing even now at this time. 

All the people around me who see me must say,

“She’s really doing fine.”

His grace really is sufficient, to this I can attest. 

But you felt like a part of me and that part is still so greatly missed.

Songs on the radio trigger so many memories from the past. 

And, for now, they are still a painful reminder that you are not here with me.

I know we won’t be separated forever,

and I eagerly look forward to the day

when I can enter Heaven and behold my Lord Jesus

and your beautiful, shining face.







A Brother Like No Other**

I once had a brother, but now he’s gone.

He was like no other,

but now he lives in his heavenly home.

Sometimes when I am still and quiet and all alone,

I think about my brother

and all the wonderful moments we shared. 

I am thankful to the Lord

for all the memories I’ve known.

I am thankful to have loved my brother so very much.

It’s hard to lose a brother,

especially one that’s like no other.



*1st Poem – Thoughts came scrambled on the evening of Monday, February 19, 1996 (9:30 p.m.) – following the tragic murder of Donnie, on June 13, 1994.


**2nd Poem – From July 5, 1999 journal entry 


You can read more of the details of my brother’s untimely, unjust, and unexpected murder and my painful journey through grief by clicking on “A STORY FOR HIS GLORY” from the HOME page of this blog.


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