PEACE and The Discipline of Thinking

Thinking on God’s Word and using God’s Word and His promises as a lens to view all of life’s circumstances through will bring peace. This is the renewing of our mind that brings peace, but you have to discipline yourself to put this kind of thinking into daily practice.


Grace is not an excuse to sin or to keep living in sin; grace gives us the power to overcome our selfish human nature and empowers us with a love and desire to honor God and love and help others.


#seekGodfirst #soak in #Godspresence #listen to the #stillsmallvoice #scrollthruscripture   As we seek the Father and soak in His presence MORE than we scroll thru social media, we become MORE sensitive to His voice above all others.  I need You more, Lord. Amen. Lead and guide me Holy Spirit. Please come to Me, my beautifulContinue reading “#SEEK #SOAK & #SCROLL”

Reverence Releases Secrets

The secret of The Lord is with those who fear or reverence Him.  “Secret” to the degree that many or the majority may not know or fully understand, and, perhaps, also referring to the greater revelation of God’s Word.  The deeper and richer meanings from scripture can only be obtained by those who first honor, reverence, and worship The Lord,Continue reading “Reverence Releases Secrets”

Building up or Bashing?

Or even promoting disunity? Are you guilty of bashing or criticizing or speaking against another believer or worse yet, against a pastor or teacher or another church body?  We are one in Christ, right?  Or, we are supposed to be one in Christ. Predominately, what I am referring to is the careless, reckless, and critical (nitpicky) accusations of others who areContinue reading “Building up or Bashing?”