2022 Year End Reflection and Encouragement for 2023

As I share some of my own personal reflection from 2022, perhaps you can relate too? May we all be encouraged to keep on trusting, believing and expecting God’s faithfulness to keep doing something brand new in and through us all for His glory as we head into the new year.

Lots of blessings, challenges, tears and joy during the most heated spiritual warfare year ever. I know from my heart it’s because the enemy’s plan is for us to become offended at God and others, feel overwhelmed, and just give up and quit instead of overcoming. He wants those of us who feel like we have been through a continual fiery refining to burn out, become weary, and burdened down instead of pressing more into God’s presence for a fresh filling and re-igniting with the fire of the Holy Spirit enabling us to walk in all God still has ahead and desires to complete and accomplish in and through His radical remnant for such a time as this — all to bring glory to our mighty God, our redeemer, rescuer and restorer. Even with all Satan’s fiery darts especially over the last few years, many are still carrying a compelling passionate desire to pray, worship, grow deeper, walk in obedience, and fulfill our God-given assignments as disciples, servants, intercessors, messengers, prophetic voices, reformers, and committed sowers into the kingdom of God. I hope this is true of both me and you?

Perhaps you too have had a year or so of some shocking and unbelievably painful knife stabs to your heart you never thought would come your way. I have cried myself to sleep more times during this past year since the days of my somewhat unstable and often a little crazy childhood. This is not a pity-party, but just authentically sharing that “Joyful Jenny” is battling the enemy fighting hard against me living out my newly claimed “joyful” God-given identity too. During this time when the father of lies is attempting to steal the identities of so many sons and daughters, especially our precious children, we must be aware of his tactics. It is truly time for an awakening to spiritual discernment, wisdom, and walking in the ways of God’s Word. It is time to rise up and speak up and not be ashamed of the powerful gospel of Christ to save, to heal and to deliver. It is time to be free of the fear of man and be more concerned about doing and not just saying what pleases the heart of our Father God.

It is true – adversity does make us stronger as we surrender more to faith, trust and obedience no matter what. No one becomes a spiritual warrior without engaging in spiritual warfare with godly armor and counsel. It’s never easy, but only possible as we remain in obedience to Christ. My heart’s desire to hear, “Well done faithful one…enter into the JOY of Your Father” is stronger and hopefully yours is too. Nevertheless, even though at times I am more tempted than ever to give into my feelings instead of standing in authority and faith in God’s Word, I don’t — it’s not working, devil. I am stronger because of all satan has thrown my way. I have overcome, I am an overcomer and I am overcoming. I do not live by how I feel – I live by faith in the Only One who is truly faithful. I pray this is your testimony too.

Thankful for God’s faithful promises. Walking out our faith means we must continue to pray, believe and keep decreeing them over our lives until we see them come to pass. Amen.

🗝We will see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Wait in His presence, and remain brave and courageous. (Psalm 27:13-14)

🗝God is very close to the broken-hearted. (Psalm 34:17-18)

🗝God is the only One who can heal our broken hearts. (Psalm 147:3)

🗝If we do not grow weary and give up, in due season, we will reap the harvest of all the good seeds we have sown. (Galatians 6:7-10)

🗝All things, even the painful and heart-breaking things, are working together for our good for those who still truly love God and desire to do His will and serve His purpose on the earth. (Romans 8:28)

🗝No good thing will God withhold from those whose hearts are set on serving and honoring Him. (Psalm 84:11)

🗝God is searching the earth to show Himself mighty and strong through those whose hearts are undivided and fully His. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

🗝The best is yet to come — Heaven awaits us. No more heartbreak, division, addiction, sin and sorrow. God will keep His faithful promises and bring us a better tomorrow.

🗝These promises are for all who love and follow God and believe that His promises are true. Amen. (Revelation 21:1-7)

Keep on praying!

Keep on worshiping!

Keep on loving!

Keep on forgiving!

Keep on serving!

Keep on speaking life and truth!

Keep fighting the fight of faith!

Keep on doing what God has called you to!

Finally, keep on praying for yourself first the same way you pray for others — for conviction, correction, consecration and remaining committed to radically obey what the Holy Spirit tells you to do and not to do. Repent quickly when you sin and keep your heart guarded against lies and deception by keeping your ears open to what the Spirit is speaking through God’s Word and voices who line up with biblical truth. This pleases God and will work together for good for all who are the true God lovers.

Father God, I pray over everyone who reads this and my own self personally too that You will awaken every dormant gifting, calling and assignment by the fire of Your Holy Spirit for such a time as this. By the authority of Your Word and Your blood, I break every lie of the enemy, every spirit of discouragement, distraction, compromise, complacency, pride, spirits of division, disunity and deception over our hearts, homes and families and our generational bloodlines. Thank You Lord for being our shield and defender in the midst of every battle, and as our ways and our hearts are pleasing to You, may even our enemies be at peace with us. Let a great flood of spiritual discernment, wisdom, grace, mercy, forgiveness, radical obedience, boldness and humility fill us fresh and anew for all that You desire to do in and through us all for Your glory and kingdom purposes. We repent of all idolatry, legalism, pride, manipulation, and control and surrender our full hearts, minds and bodies to do Your will and bring You glory. Awaken, awaken, awaken us. Complete what You have begun in each one of us by the power of Your Holy Spirit. May more of Your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness and self-control overflow through us. Bring divine connections and realignments for our divine assignments. Bring provision as we participate in Your kingdom mission. May Your angels cover and protect us as we pursue what You are leading us to. Your kingdom come and Your will be done, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, amen.

Your sister in Christ, Joyful Jenny

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