Remembering & Redeeming June 13th

On June 13th, 1994 (28 years ago), very tragically and unexpectedly at the young age of 30, my beloved brother, Donnie, entered his heavenly home. I still remember the nightmare like details of that day, but God has healed and restored so much joy the devil came to steal and destroy.

I always remember you, my beloved brother, Donnie. {In loving memory of Donald Lee Deason, November 13, 1963 – June 13, 1994}

When the ties that bind us close to this earth are gone, the ties that bind us close to Heaven are made stronger.

Jennifer Morrow {Joyful Jenny}

All things are definitely not all good. Many are the definition of evil and incredibly miserable and painful; but all things do work together for good to those who love God and are the called according to His purpose (as stated in Romans 8:28).

I’ve cried enough tears, so don’t expect me to apologize for my joy.

Jennifer Morrow {Joyful Jenny}

Don’t ever let my smiling face give the impression that all my pain has been erased. No one escapes pain, adversity and suffering this side of Heaven. Among many other trials that have come my way, losing my brother through the evil actions of others is one of the most painful, difficult and heart wrenching experiences I’ve needed the joy of the Holy Spirit to overcome still to this day.

Joyful Jenny overcomer has had to press close to Jesus the Joy Giver over and over or there would be no overcoming.

🗝All of us have pain and adversity to overcome, but not all of us live as joyful overcomers.

🗝Time does not heal, but time with God does.

🗝Forgiving really hard stuff will not happen on our own. None of us forgive and heal on our own. I know about forgiving really hard stuff. We all need God The Healer, and the Holy Spirit Comforter and Helper, and the family of God too.

🗝The forgiven and those who forgive live joyful and free.

🗝Hurting people who have not been healed hurt and sometimes even destroy others.

🗝Healed people help bring healing and restoration to others.

🗝Get help. Get healed. Allow the love, joy and peace of Christ to be revealed.

🗝My Monday of mourning has turned into a lifetime dance of joyful overcoming.

🗝Don’t bury or run away from your pain. In the midst of your many tears, pursue the restoration that Jesus, the Healer and Joy Giver can bring, until only His overcoming love, joy and peace remain.

The painful and tragic things that have happened to me have been used to further awaken and ignite the passionate pursuit of God, the power of His Holy Spirit and the purposes of God through dance, writing, teaching and praying with and for others.

How about you? Is this your overcoming story too?

Has your pain, adversity and suffering brought on more love, joy and peace, and overcoming evil with good too?

What painful trial, loss, or life tragedy has The Holy Spirit helped you overcome?

🗝The Holy Spirit is a gentle like a dove. He won’t force or push you to receive God’s comfort, help, healing and peace. We have to ask and receive and repeat until the healing work is complete.

🗝Pray for others in your pain.

🗝Forgive those who caused your pain.

🗝Pray for the the one(s) who caused your pain.

🗝Pray, “Holy Spirit help.” Wait on the Lord, receive and repeat until the healing work is complete.

Be kind and gracious, everyone you know is encountering pain you know nothing about.

Jennifer Morrow {Joyful Jenny}

Even if you have not had to overcome the tragic murder of a loved one, we all have painful heart wounds.

May the power of God’s love and His Holy Spirit bring help, healing, peace and joy restored.

I pray you overcome with love, joy and peace.

May you be restored to release.

Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. You cannot avoid pain, but you can avoid joy.

Tim Hansel

Published by Jennifer Morrow

Lover of God, people & life! Love to laugh, dance, teach, pray, study The Bible, travel & write - not necessarily in that order.

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