Overcome with JOY!

The joy that’s down in our hearts to stay needs to overflow through our souls and be ever present to others every single day.

Joy is not the absence of pain; it remains present as the presence of Jesus fills our hearts in spite of the pain.

We need the joy of The Lord to be our strength to help us overcome for such a time as this. It is not insensitive to speak of joy in this trying time. It is being insensitive if we are not aware that the waves of fear, anger and greed we are seeing in our land right now are being used to extinguish the spirit of joy. It is no coincidence that the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy the joy that comes through singing, praising and worshiping our God as individuals and corporately as the body of Christ.

JOY, just like LOVE, is a weapon of worship that WALKS all over the enemy and his tactics.

The verses in Psalm 9:1-2 remind us to:

~praise the Lord,

~tell others about the marvelous works of The Lord,

~be filled with joy from The Lord,

~sing praises to The Most High name of The Lord.

Then, the next verse in Psalm 9:3 says,

“My enemies retreated; they staggered and died when you appeared.”

Amen. Let our joyful praises to God arise and may God’s powerful Spirit scatter His enemies.

COVID-19 is an enemy. Perhaps we need to be reminded of God’s protocol which causes the enemies of God’s people to retreat and ultimately be defeated. His ways are higher than our ways.

~Praising the Lord with all our hearts as we pray.

~Sharing our personal testimony of The Lord’s goodness and great faithfulness in our lives.

~Being filled with joy in His presence that overcomes fear, worry, anxiety, and whining and complaining.

~Singing and lifting His name higher than every other name.

There is nothing, no enemy, no sickness, virus or disease or scheme and strategy of the enemy that is too difficult for our Mighty God to defeat. We need to keep praying and believing for God to hear and answer.

In the waiting, we need to keep worshiping joyfully.

We also need to keep remembering all the marvelous things our God has already done and is yet to do.

I am praying boldly that we are able to be unmasked to sing, worship and radiate the glory of the Lord joyfully in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Ask yourself which song am I singing?

He has made me sad, oh He has made me sad. I won’t choose joy because I am so mad? 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Or —

He has made me glad…He has made me glad!🎶

I will choose joy for He has made me glad!🎶

Worship and worry do not coincide. You cannot do both at the same time.

Worship and fear do not jive either – you cannot worship In spirit and truth and fear at the same time.

God does not inhabit our complaining. He inhabits our praising Him in and through every circumstance of life.

Lord, restore the JOY of knowing You and belonging forever to You. May this be more than enough reason to praise you joyfully through this unprecedented season. Amen.

Let us praise the Lord with all our hearts today. As we do, we thank You Lord for filling our hearts with joy as our strength to help us make it through.

“Joy runs deeper than despair.” Corrie ten Boom

References: Nehemiah 8:10; John 4:21-24, 10:10; Psalm 68:1; Isaiah 55:8-9, 12-13, 61:3; Jeremiah 32:17; Psalm 51:12


Published by Jennifer Morrow

Lover of God, people & life! Love to laugh, dance, teach, pray, study The Bible, travel & write - not necessarily in that order.

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