Unexpected Path Still Good

Ireland narrow road Monaghan

The longer I travel on this journey of faith with the Lord, the less I know about where His direction is leading.  One thing I have discovered is His path is usually never the road I presumed I would travel, nor the route I might prefer.  Nevertheless, His path is still always good and will ultimately lead to the course He has uniquely mapped out for me as I seek to follow Him to the final destination.

But He knows where I am going, and when He tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.  For I have stayed on God’s paths; I have followed His ways and not turned aside.  Job 23:10-11

Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.  Psalm 25:4

All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness and goodness and truth and faithfulness to those who Keep His covenant and His testimonies.  Psalm 25:10 (The Amplified Bible)
The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.  Psalm 32:8

Your road led through the sea; Your pathway through the mighty waters, a pathway no one knew was there!  Psalm 77:19

For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die.  Isaiah 57:2

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