Things that bother and baffle me!

  1. Child Abuse!
  2. A sunburned baby!  Again, child abuse!
  3. People who do not worship or serve God or follow the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ, but then blame God for everything that doesn’t go their way in life or is wrong in our world.
  4. Christians who have been forgiven, but won’t forgive others.
  5. Christians who believe God is only working at their church and only speaks through their pastor.
  6. Christians who speak against other pastors and churches.  (I’m pretty sure this not only bothers me, but also breaks the heart of God.)
  7. Christians who don’t believe God still does miracles, but yet they received the greatest miracle of all – salvation (a new heart)!
  8. People who litter on God’s beautiful creation!
  9. People who carry on a conversation (whisper, interrupt,  text, talk, text & talk, etc.) while someone else is speaking, teaching, or leading a group of people.  (Disrespectful and rude – yes, both!)
  10. Artists who claim to be followers of Christ, but whose art never reflects this?
  11. Christians who are saved by God’s amazing grace, and then live like they have amnesia.

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