Morning has broken…

It is also good to proclaim and sing of God’s love and faithfulness in and through our mourning and loss.   #morninghasbroken #mourninghasbroken One of my dearest friends, a creative spirit, and a mighty warrior woman of God is using the beautiful, old song by Cat Stevens entitled “Morning has Broken” in our upcoming danceContinue reading “Morning has broken…”


Where have all the “good” lyrics gone?

Where have all the “good” lyrics gone? Just wondering like the Jack Johnson song says, “Where’d all the good people go?” – where have all the “good” lyrics gone? Many of today’s mainstream artists might have one decent song, and then several others containing offensive and foul language.  So, is it okay to choose toContinue reading “Where have all the “good” lyrics gone?”

Stairway to Heaven

The 70’s Led Zeppelin hit rock song by this same title sounds great and definitely has some incredible creativity and gifted musical instrumentation, etc., but, the truth is, there is no “stairway to heaven,” but only a grace way, that is only available to those who enter through the “doorway” to Heaven. We cannot climb any stairwayContinue reading “Stairway to Heaven”

No Time Left for You

How can we expect to know God, when we don’t spend any time with Him? “I got, got, got, got no time…”, and “there’s no time left for you…”, — remember these lyrics to the old song by The Guess Who?  These lyrics truthfully apply to many of us today when it comes to time for God.  Then, we wonder whyContinue reading “No Time Left for You”