How was your breakfast?

#morningmanna #breadofLife #wordofGod #ourdailybread Satan tempted Jesus to turn the stones into bread.  “Man does not live by bread alone…” was Jesus’ response.  Jesus could have turned the stones into bread but instead He quotes the truth that we LIVE by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God.  We live by the truthContinue reading “How was your breakfast?”

Don’t be an “Esau”!

Esau desired food above his birthright, and refused to repent.  How many of us are guilty of choosing the temporary pleasures of sin in exchange for God’s offer of a covenant position in Christ?  Are our “Esau-like” appetites for temporary pleasures causing us to settle for so much less than what God desires to bless us with?Continue reading “Don’t be an “Esau”!”

No Appetite?

Our physical bodies crave more of what we feed it and this has been proven scientifically (i.e., eat more sugar – crave more sugar!).  So it is true for our spiritual appetites too!  Could it be that our spirits are so malnourished, we are starving or practically dead spiritually? Many of us have no spiritual appetite, because we feed more consistentlyContinue reading “No Appetite?”