Even though…yet I will…

…are you living an “Even though…yet I will” life? I’m guilty like every one else on social media of only or predominately posting the good, the happy, and the fun times. What would social media look like if we all posted all our heartbreaks, relationship struggles, disappointments, brokenness and tears, or uploaded video clips ofContinue reading “Even though…yet I will…”


Do you have joy like a fountain? Or has your well all dried up? Are you able to follow the Apostle Paul’s advice, “Whatever happens, my dear brothers and sisters, keep being joyful…” – a Joyful Jenny paraphrase of Philippians 3:1. No one likes to take advice from someone who cannot relate to all youContinue reading “JOY LIKE A FOUNTAIN!”

The Greatest Gift of All

#thegreatestgiftofall #joytotheworld #joy to all people! The greatest gift of Christmas is not the presents, but rather the GIFT OF GOD’S PRESENCE. As the angel stated in Luke 2:10, this gift brings “NO FEAR,” “GOOD NEWS,” and “JOY” to all people.  This gift is available to all who will receive Jesus.  This is why weContinue reading “The Greatest Gift of All”

It’s Time for Restoration, Release of God’s Freedom, Healing & Joy!

This is the passage Jesus quoted when He began his public ministry here on earth.  Of all the scriptures He could have chosen, He picked this one to announce His mission (Luke 4:14-21). Jesus is… the Healer of Hearts Chainbreaker Freedom Maker Releaser of Captives Joy Giver This is the good news of the gospel.Continue reading “It’s Time for Restoration, Release of God’s Freedom, Healing & Joy!”

Happy, Hopeful, Joyful & Peaceful New Year!

Do you need hope, joy and peace?  Go to the source of it all – Jesus. Have a happy, hopeful, joyful and peaceful New Year! A Prayer for More in 2016: Thank You, Lord, for giving us more power, passion, and purpose for living through the presence of Your Holy Spirit overflowing within us.  WeContinue reading “Happy, Hopeful, Joyful & Peaceful New Year!”