It takes a team…

... to complete a God-sized dream! TEAM THOUGHTS: It takes commitment to be a part of a team. It takes time to build a team. It takes a team to build a dream. No one ever accomplishes anything of significance alone. TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!   Is God calling you to be a... Continue Reading →

Dream with Me

Dream with me of what might be You and I totally free Free to follow our destiny Created to worship Called to love To praise and glorify our Father above With all our hearts - passionately offering our lives and our gifts to honor our King Shining like stars in the Heavens on High radiating... Continue Reading →

A God-sized dream?

Most God-sized dreams aren't discarded they're simply overcome by distractions (Holly Gerth). Remember, one of the signs of a God-sized dream, is that it's not about you.  The motivating fire and passion behind the dream should be to serve others and to bring God glory (Jennifer Morrow).

It Takes a Team

It takes a TEAM to do anything really well - much less see a dream or vision unfold! No one ever accomplishes anything of significance alone. It takes TIME to build a team! It takes COMMITMENT TO BE A PART OF A TEAM! It takes a TEAM to BUILD a true God-sized DREAM! T ogether E veryone... Continue Reading →

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