Forgiveness & Fire – God’s Love takes us Higher

Recently, I had the opportunity to record some of my story and just share from my heart as the Holy Spirit guided. Sharing the link here to the newly created “Shoelaces – Truth Ties” podcast: We all go through fiery trials, some much more severe and painful than my own. God is faithful toContinue reading “Forgiveness & Fire – God’s Love takes us Higher”

Restored on June 13th

Twenty-three years ago today on June 13, 1994, I awoke to a nightmare like experience.  I will never forget it.  I remember the telephone ringing early that Monday morning, and immediately having an uneasiness in my spirit.  The next thing I knew I was belted over in a painful pool of unconsolable tears on myContinue reading “Restored on June 13th”

In Memoriam – Post Veterans Day

In memoriam of a patriotic one – post Veterans Day Weekend. Yesterday, Sunday, November 13th, was my brother’s birthday.  He would have been 53 years old.  I always thought it was fitting his birthday was so close to Veteran’s Day, since he was such a patriotic one.  Donald Lee “Donnie” Deason was born on November 13,Continue reading “In Memoriam – Post Veterans Day”

Monday Mourning Memories

“June 13th – A Monday of Mourning” “…mourn with all those who mourn.” (Romans 12:15) Enough said. Those who can empathize, understand that in times like these, no words are necessary. Praying for all those who are mourning in Orlando, and who are suffering deep heartache and loss as a result of the senseless andContinue reading “Monday Mourning Memories”