Let Freedom Reign!

Let us declare our independence from fear of man, bondage to self and the strongholds of addiction, materialism, and sin, and celebrate our dependence on the FATHER OF LIBERTY.   The heart of God is freedom.  Freedom to be the son or daughter of God you were created in His image to be.   The AUTHORContinue reading “Let Freedom Reign!”

It’s all good. Not!

There is a common phrase that sounds like truth.  The phrase, “It’s all good” sounds like a good, positive quote, and it is that. “It’s all good”?  No, it’s not all good.  I like Pastor Steven Furtick’s quote, “It’s never all good.”  This is truth.  It’s NEVER ALL GOOD, BUT GOD WILL WORK “ALL THESEContinue reading “It’s all good. Not!”

Under my feet!

Every attack of the enemy has backfired. #heisundermyfeet #danceontheenemyshead #stronger thru #adversity #authorityinChrist  Philippians 1:12* #walkinpeace & #advancethekingdom *My dear friends, I want you to know that what has happened to me has helped to spread the good news.  A quote of the Apostle Paul while in prison.  Is this my testimony?  If not, what’sContinue reading “Under my feet!”